Why Get the Marketing Habit?

IoT & High Tech Focus

What’s compelling to us? The IoT, embedded technology, connectivity, telecom, SaaS, and most importantly, how that technology can help people.

Ecosystem Excellence

Drive value across the supply chain with strategy, communications and business models that make sense for all players as well as the ultimate customer.

Full Marketing Mix

Integrated, multi-channel marketing, with focused and aligned messaging, reaches your target audience through digital and traditional outlets.

Executive Marketing Expertise

You get a fresh perspective, fast ramp, and meaningful results without long-term commitment, based on over two decades of hands-on leadership in IoT, telecom, software and high tech.


The Marketing Habit approach is all about collaborating closely, meeting shared goals, communicating openly and reaching the best possible outcome for our clients. Our approach to corporate marketing, product marketing and ecosystem development stems from both applying what works and learning what could work better. The Marketing Habit approach is also about action. When you engage with us, you get actionable plans and recommendations. We thrive on closure and getting things done.

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Our Team

Marketing Habit has close ties to numerous marketers - strategists, writers, designers, PR pros, digital experts, web developers, SEO specialists and event planners - to bring into any engagement. When you work with Marketing Habit, you get a single point of contact, leading a strong project team from start to finish. Leave the details to us.

Hilary Longo, Founder and Principal
Hilary Longo

As marketing consultants based in the Washington, DC area, we work with new and established…


Our main focus is on high tech, B2B clients in IoT, telecom, industrial, and healthcare. We also have background in B2C environments, in nonprofit, wellness and financial management.

For organizations without in-house teams, we are the marketing executive for strategic marketing or the hands-on doers to execute on marketing plans. In some cases, we create the plans with our clients’ inputs as well as manage the tactical programs and deliver the results.

For large organizations, we supplement in-house marketing and channel management teams.

We serve companies across North America as well as Europe and Australia. With today’s communication tools, we are equipped to work across timezones and geographical distance.

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