What (or Who) Inspires

December 5, 2016 - 2 minutes read

I put up a tweet recently, saying I was inspired by technology. In this case, I was referring specifically to technology that’s being applied to help people, whether individually, in a common group, or globally. While I do appreciate the technology itself (see my October 12 blog post), it’s not actually the technology that’s inspiring.

What I’m really inspired by are the people who have the ideas of ways to help people through technology. I’m even more inspired by people who take those ideas, build teams and develop technology and services that can be applied in positive ways.

It’s even better when those inspirations bring great benefit to others, on a small or large scale. Those inspirations get me excited about conveying their value to different audiences, sharing the benefits they can offer, and telling the stories that get others excited, too.

Beyond the Inspirer

In my professional roles, I’m fortunate to have been surrounded by incredibly smart and talented people, especially on the technical side, whether software, firmware or hardware developers. Their skills have taken early ideas from the visionaries and turned them into sophisticated products.  I continue to enjoy my role in positioning those products, based on innovative ideas, for specific markets to bring real value to individuals.

The products and services that resonate most with me are those that offer benefits to many, even beyond stakeholders and customers. Those products are the result of inspiration from entrepreneurs with a vision. Those people are the ones that inspire me.

Thank you!

Thank you to those who see a problem and are driven to fix it. They are the ones who won’t sit back and point at it, who aren’t content to complain about others not addressing it or judge even its existence.  Thank you for your commitment to doing something, for your drive to create and bring a product to life.

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