A CMO-for-Hire Makes (Dollars &) Sense for Companies at All Stages

April 26, 2017 - 3 minutes read

When you start a company, the roles you fill first depend on company focus, founder strengths, and of course, cash. Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology or Product Officer, and Chief Revenue or Sales Officer usually are the first titles for founders. You need to run the company, create the product or service, and sell, right away and all at once. Over time, other roles become more important, like Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, to manage the money and how the company runs. When do you need to grow through marketing, by bringing on a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)?

If start-ups do have an executive with a CMO title, nine times out of ten, that person is doing far more than traditional marketing. Of course, with a start-up, that’s probably the case for everyone on the team. A mid-sized company may have marketing practitioners who’ve “grown up” with the organization filling the CMO role, but perhaps without extensive depth of knowledge or insights into the real benefits the function can deliver. Regardless of the company’s stage of maturity, Marketing Habit can help as a CMO for Hire or Virtual CMO.

Real Results at Every Stage

The CMO-for-Hire model serves different needs for companies at any stage and contributes to company results at every point:

  • Young companies looking for strategic guidance on how to identify a target market and attract first customers
  • Growing companies that know where they want to sell, and need oversight and management of creative teams to deliver programs with measurable results
  • Companies that have a sudden gap in the leadership team, perhaps recruiting for a direct-hire CMO with an understanding of the downside of letting the marketing function sit idle for long
  • Companies going through a directional pivot looking for experience marketing to a specific industry for a fast impact on results

A CMO-for-Hire has the background to get results quickly, bringing deep experience, professional contacts, and creative ideas into an organization. Functions include everything from developing a marketing plan and budget to managing existing teams, driving program execution, researching market trends, and taking an evangelist role. Strategy, management and organizational skills are well-developed and in place for a fast ramp. Ultimately, the goal of the CMO is to enable the sales team to increase revenue in the near term while helping position the company for longer term growth.

With a CMO-for-Hire from Marketing Habit, companies gain access to a proven marketing executive, with expertise in B2B technology marketing, without the overhead of bringing on a direct hire. Hiring the wrong person in a direct hire role is costly in many ways, with the time and expense of recruiting, interviewing and onboarding a new CMO. Reduce the risk by working with a CMO-for-Hire from Marketing Habit.

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