Marketing Programs: Out with Old, In with New?

July 19, 2017 - 4 minutes read

For the best impact, you need to mix up your marketing programs.

It makes me smile when my dinner includes food of different colors. I enjoy talking with people who have diverse ideas and backgrounds. I get bored running the same route twice in one week. Variety makes life more interesting and entertaining. My thirst for variety is one reason that I enjoy creating marketing programs. There are so many different ways to reach people, to tell stories, to communicate, that it’s hard to get bored. The best marketing programs, whether generating leads, increasing brand awareness or developing go to market channels, weave many different elements together to have the greatest impact.

Marketing Program Options: Digital vs. Traditional

In less than one second, Google found 129,000,000 results for digital marketing. There is a lot of buzz about this topic, and has been for quite awhile. Rightfully so, too. Digital marketing helps your prospects find you when they are looking, through SEO, SEM, digital ads, retargeting, and social media.

A search for traditional marketing gave me 46,600,000 results in about two thirds of a second. Traditional marketing is obviously not dead, though it may often be overlooked in favor of bright shiny digital marketing. I’d argue that some forms of traditional marketing are nearly dead, especially in the B2B, high tech space, such as print advertising. Some, however, are very much alive. Talking to people face to face at a tradeshow can build rapport and trust between you and a prospect far better than any online ad can.

Marketing Alchemy Yields Gold

Taking traditional models and making them digital has mixed results. Online virtual tradeshows fizzled before having any impact, though presenting thought leadership material online as a webinar can generate a nice set of emails from interested attendees. Email marketing, which is effectively a faster and less expensive direct marketing operation through online channels, continues to be a strong performer and popular for nurture campaigns to move prospects through their buying journey.

If you think of alchemy as the combination of different elements to result in something new, then we’re getting to what really works best in marketing. Integrated marketing programs incorporate digital marketing campaigns as well as traditional marketing methods to reach the right audience, with multiple touches, on their schedule and on your company’s schedule. Put an email campaign out, with relevant content on the landing page to educate your prospect. Highlight the same theme at an industry tradeshow, with a presentation diving further into the content and a live demo at the booth, to influence and educate your prospects even more. These elements build upon each other, reinforce each other and ultimately, give your prospects the information they need to decide to purchase from your company.

To learn how Marketing Habit can build marketing campaigns to give your company meaningful results, please contact us today. We will find the best options to meet your objectives, from all the marketing possibilities available, old and new, and bring them together into an impactful, integrated program.


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