You need the Marketing Habit – here’s why.

August 15, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Some companies have in-house marketing expertise, and some don’t. Frankly not every company needs a fully staffed marketing department at all times! Enter the marketing consultant, virtual CMO, marketer for hire… whatever title works for you. At Marketing Habit, we help you develop a marketing mindset to permeate every interaction you have with clients, always supporting business development, sales and channel activities. With guidance and perseverance, you can Get the Marketing Habit!

I created Marketing Habit to help start-ups as well as small and mid-sized technology businesses ready to take the next step in their business evolution and growth. With expertise in traditional marketing strategy and tactics as well as digital platforms and leading edge tools, Marketing Habit helps you first articulate what makes your company unique, then determine strategic and tactical plans to reach your growth goals.

We are drawn to high-tech companies, especially those creating or implementing Internet of Things-based and connected industry service offerings. Marketing habits for high tech and IoT segments certainly differ from B2C and B2G marketing and even have some tweaks from traditional B2B marketing.

Let’s talk about where your business is going, and where it could be growing. Together we can help you build your marketing habits to achieve business success.


p.s. I will go to great lengths to get an amazing cappuccino and so far have found my favorites in Italy and Iowa. (Really. Davenport, Iowa.)

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